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SWAN LAKE WRAP-UP: The Final Images

With the doors to the senior show having been closed for over two weeks now, there is no reason not to share the final images here. So, without further ado:


Act 1: “Love”

Act 2: “Deceipt”

Act 3: “Death”

UPDATE: See the images larger HERE.

Opening Event and First Days — Impressions

SWAN LAKE on Display at Messe Basel (NEW DATE!)

Swan Lake – Photography Ballet Fairy Tale will be on display at Messe Basel 5–21 September 2008. Be sure to stop by! ATTENTION: The opening is on the 5th (NOT the 15th as previously announced). Details will follow.

Swan Lake Earned Me a Bachelor’s Degree

It’s official — I finished the project last minute as I usually do and presented the results on Wednesday. The team of experts then had a brief meeting and gave me a passing grade. So, yaaay, I am now officially a college graduate.

THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO HELPED MAKING THIS PROJECT A SUCCESS — and no, I will not share the final images here. Well, not now anyway — I would like to keep the tableaus under tap until the show in September (mark your calendars: MESSE BASEL, SEPT 15–21).

In the spirit of celebration I would like to share a video that’s only slightly dance-related but nonetheless heart-warming and a beautiful example of how dance — even in it’s silliest form — can bring people together. Thanks to Max for passing this on to me, please visit Matt’s website (that’s the guy in the video).

For higher quality: Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Impressions From the Last Shoot

The deadline is approaching fast… And so, this past Tuesday, we were doing one last shoot. It was supposed to be held on location by the swan pool, but rain prohibited us from it. Hence it turned into yet another studio shoot. And with my usual digital back unavailable from the rental place, I was shooting with a very dirty Imacon sensor on a Hassy. So, with hours of Photoshop awaiting me, here are a few (pretty much) unedited shots:

Scene: Deception and Remorse

I am en route in finding a way of combining the photographs into tableaus…

Von Rothbart deceives Prince Siegfried

The Ever-Expanding Team

Along with the project itself, the team too has seen some major growth over the past weeks. I would like to acknowledge the people who have recently joined the Swan Lake team (in alphabetical order):

  • Dan Cajöri assisted me on the big “On Black” studio shoot on June 9.
  • Julia Clausen posed as the Purple Princess and has helped with the make-up on the “Bridal Show” shoot on May 26.
  • Maria Heijbel posed as the Turquoise Princess for the “Bridal Show” shoot on May 26.
  • Tom Koritschan assisted me on location on the “Unwilling to Marry” shoot on May 10.
  • Sara Magnaguagno posed as the Green Princess for the “Bridal Show” shoot on May 26.
  • Helge Philipp, eurhythmics dancer and teacher, has joined the cast in the role of Von Rothbart.
  • Kambiz Shafei assisted me on the “Red on Red” (studio, April 20), “Blue on Blue” (studio, May 11), “Swan Pool” (on location, May 19) and the big “On Black” (studio, June 9) shoots.
  • Frederick Tischhauser assisted me on the “Bridal Show” shoot on May 26.
  • Maika Tischhauser posed as the Yellow Princess for the “Bridal Show” shoot on May 26.