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SWAN LAKE WRAP-UP: The Final Images

With the doors to the senior show having been closed for over two weeks now, there is no reason not to share the final images here. So, without further ado:


Act 1: “Love”

Act 2: “Deceipt”

Act 3: “Death”

UPDATE: See the images larger HERE.


Opening Event and First Days — Impressions

Impressions From the Last Shoot

The deadline is approaching fast… And so, this past Tuesday, we were doing one last shoot. It was supposed to be held on location by the swan pool, but rain prohibited us from it. Hence it turned into yet another studio shoot. And with my usual digital back unavailable from the rental place, I was shooting with a very dirty Imacon sensor on a Hassy. So, with hours of Photoshop awaiting me, here are a few (pretty much) unedited shots:

Scene: Deception and Remorse

I am en route in finding a way of combining the photographs into tableaus…

Von Rothbart deceives Prince Siegfried

Re-Introducing Von Rothbart

After having originally omitted von Rothbart — the “evil genie” in Swan Lake — from my version, I have reconsidered after lady luck (or, more accurately one of the collaborating dancers) tossed another dancer in my lap. Without further ado, I present to you: Helge Philipp as von Rothbart.

Scene: Bridal Candidates Fighting Over Prince Siegfried

Prince Siegfried doesn’t have it easy… His mother wants him to marry and presents him with a wild bunch of aggressive princesses from the neighboring kingdoms.

Experimenting with Combination Techniques

Using the photographs from the swan pool shoot I was experimenting with finding different ways of combining shots.