This blog follows the development of my bachelor thesis project on classical narrative ballet in contemporary photography with the working title All the World’s a (Ballet) Stage.

From the project description:
In a time when classical ballet is generally viewed as ancient and its photographic representation still regularly relies on old concepts (such as b&w, hard stage light, etc.) it is of utmost importance to provide this graceful artform with an adequate and contemporary photographic portrayal.

Full Bachelor Thesis Project Description [German]

This project is dedicated to the memory of Maja Kramer (1983–2006)

Michael Koritschan, February 2008


3 responses to “About

  1. Frederick Tischhauser

    I love your page Mike! High standards and professional as ever – your style! :)

  2. You should have used real ballet dancers for this. Or at least real classical ballet students. These models don’t represent a real dancer in the slightest.

    And Odette is not a fairy and Odile is played by the same person that portrays Odette. That’s almost the whole point of Swan Lake.

  3. this is shit

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