Swan Lake Different Yet (Ballet and Swan Lake in Popular Culture, Vol. 3 [?])

As I was browsing the internet, hoping to find a hip hop remix of Swan Lake to use at the upcoming final presentation of my project, i stumbled upon two reggae-ish versions: The first, a reggae rendering of the theme, was recorded in 1968 by a British band called The Cats (it seems they were from Brixton — though this information is from a questionable source). The second — similar, but with a stronger two tone sound — was released some eleven years later by Madness from London on their debut album One Step Beyond… .

The Cats – Swan Lake (Trojan, 1968)

Madness – Swan Lake
(Footage from Joe Massot’s 1981 Documentary Dance Craze)

Oh, and yes, I am aware of the classic Blackalicious track Swan Lake produced by DJ Shadow and Chief Xcel. But while it actually did sample Tchaikovsky’s music — it is too subtle to be immediately recognised as such.

Blackalicious – Swan Lake (Solesides, 1994)


3 responses to “Swan Lake Different Yet (Ballet and Swan Lake in Popular Culture, Vol. 3 [?])

  1. there is one rap o hip version of the swan lake, a few years ago i saw in cancun, Mexico a performance of a canadian ballet school (Quebec) and got a copy of that presentation which a lost, I cant remember who made the adaptation but the lyric was somehing like this;
    *Save me from the rain and hold me,
    ******leave here tonight***
    *****the time, to open it up to make you fly away, to make you beauty shine throuhg a desert faith*** its all I can remember I been looking for it over the internet with no success hope ypu find it.

  2. Re: Edson
    I heard this song too but in cuba…..and after hours of searching i finally found the song :) its Save Me by Rapsody (youtube link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_zLI4HaYhM)

  3. There is an interesting version on the soundtrack Lugosi: Hollywood’s dracula.

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