A Space Dedicated to Writing

I’m a firm believer in having dedicated workspaces… If you’re trying to write (a paper, book, script, essay etc.) you should have a space — an office, corner, desk, nook, bed, bench, train compartment or tree house — dedicated solely to this purpose. A space where all other activity will be forbidden. Take your computer, nostalgic typewriter or Moleskine notebook to this space, disconnect from Skype, iChat, AOL, MSN and Adium, log-out of Facebook, MySpace and aSmallWorld, turn off your iPhone, Blackberry or regular-ass cell phone, allow the world to miss you — you could even be really brave and disconnect from the internet altogether if it isn’t essential to your research. There you go — now you’re ready.

As for my theory paper — I have found my own little secluded spot to write it in: the Swiss Institute for Art Research‘s library, a quiet place with plenty of good books to research in is located in the basement of an old mansion in Zurich’s fancy Seefeld. Don’t look for me.


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