Easter Re-Cap

The last post was written over two weeks ago — the reasons for the long silence are two: Easter, which I spent without internet access in Prague and then my own laziness over the past few days. Be that as it may, there is plenty of reporting to be done:

I was trying to get student seats in the sold-out Swan Lake performances in the Zurich Opera House. While I was unable to get any tickets for the March performances, I am not giving up yet. And because Lady Luck apparently wasn’t in good spirits over easter either, I also missed out on the Prague State Opera’s production, for they weren’t performing Swan Lake till easter Monday, by then I was back in Basel.

I did, however, finally get around watching the DVD of the 2006 Swan Lake production of the Mariinsky Ballet while I was in Prague. I am glad I did so with my mother and grandmother, for they got around to reminiscing about the time when Joëlle Mazet, a French ballerina, stayed with them in the late sixties and how my grandmother became good friends with Stanislaw Szymanski, an excellent Polish dancer, through a translating gig.

grandma’s ballet pics
Ballet pictures from my grandmother’s bookshelf: A postcard from Belgium on the left and a signed photograph of Stanislaw Szymanski

Also while in Prague, I coincidentally stumbled upon an article about the accomplished Czech prima ballerina Marta Dottnerova in the newspaper Dnes. Serendipitously, the photograph the paper chose for the article shows the dancer getting ready for her role as Odette in a 1975 production of Swan Lake.

Dnes, 6 March 2008 p. B6


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