Leonardo DiCaprio as Annie Leibovitz’ Siegfried

So I was thinking about taking a break from the project tonight…: Took my copy of Annie Leibovitz’ A Photographer’s Life. 1990–2005 from the shelve and leisurely turned the pages, when – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Portrait showed up: Gone was the project’s absence. – Inspiration may be drawn from the photograph, and while I am making references to popular culture, of course Björk’s infamous swan dress (designed by Marjan Pejoski) which she rocked to the Academy Awards in 2001 came to mind as well – and it’s resurgence as a giant pink swan which she would lie on for a photograph taken by David LaChapelle in the same year.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tejon Ranch, Lebec, California, 1997 in Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life. 1990–2005, New York 2006.

Photographer Unknown, image from bjork.com

Björk: Swan Song in David LaChapelle: Heaven To Hell, Köln, 2006.


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