“A Dance Photographer is a Collector of Meaningful Images”

From V. Paul Virtucio: A Dance Photographer is a Collector of Meaningful Images on danzfotog.com, Bloomington (MN) 2004:

“Dance photography is about capturing significant, unrepeatable moments of a fleeting art form. Each performance of a dance work is different from the last because stylised movements are difficult to execute exactly the same way…”

“The biggest choice regarding the content of a dance work that a photographer makes is whether to shoot an intended or a transitional moment. To the untrained eye, those moments are difficult to distinguish. Beginning dance photographers will capture anything interesting to them without any regard for whether the movement was significant or simply preparation for a significant one. However, dancers and veteran dance enthusiasts will know the difference. Sometimes the transitional movements, such as when a dancer is landing from a leap and is about to twirl into another movement across the floor, can be interesting because of the dancer’s facial expression or the shape of the dancer’s body. Other movements are mundane, such as as the first couple steps before a leap with the dancer is simply building momentum. While both might be visually appealing to the photographer, one photograph will have more intrinsic value over another depending the viewer’s dance background.”

“Like in any other kind of photography, you have to earn your subject’s trust to allow them to relax enough to give an honest and sincere performance before your camera. If they’re on edge and more concerned about your presence than about their performance, the quality of the dance work will suffer.”

Full article at danzfotog.com

Thanks once more to Robert for the recommendation.


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