SWAN LAKE WRAP-UP: The Final Images

With the doors to the senior show having been closed for over two weeks now, there is no reason not to share the final images here. So, without further ado:


Act 1: “Love”

Act 2: “Deceipt”

Act 3: “Death”

UPDATE: See the images larger HERE.

Naway Dance Company Promo Video

The Naway Dance Company has a new promotional video out on YouTube. (Two of the dancers on my Swan Lake cast are part of Naway). Please watch and spread the word!!!

Another Exhibit — Unfortunately Mediocre, Most Likely.

The New York Times published an article today about a dance photography exhibit taking place in New York right now. Sounds, and looks from what can be gathered by the two photos accompanying the review, like the show — titled Capri’s Camera on Dance — is mediocre at best.

However, I did enjoy the article, what it says in the first paragraph especially:

Although the truest essences of dance lie in rhythm and three-dimensional space, the art is so naturally picturesque and photogenic that any exhibition in which one photographer devotes himself to the subject should be interesting for the different aspects it reveals.

Full article on nytimes.com.

Opening Event and First Days — Impressions



A last, definite and official date has finally been released:

5 – 14 September 2008
Messe Basel

Grand Opening: Friday, 5 Sept 2008, 18:00
Messe Basel, Hall 2, 2nd Floor

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 12-19h
Sat-Sun 10-19h

Oh come all ye balletomanes and photography aficionados!!!

SWAN LAKE on Display at Messe Basel (NEW DATE!)

Swan Lake – Photography Ballet Fairy Tale will be on display at Messe Basel 5–21 September 2008. Be sure to stop by! ATTENTION: The opening is on the 5th (NOT the 15th as previously announced). Details will follow.